New Jersey Environmental Risk Management Fund


Seminar Presentations

Through its Environmental Consultant, the EJIF presents regular seminars for its members to help participants stay abreast of current regulations and best management practices. 

Courses are submitted to various State agencies for credit approval so attendees can accumulate contact hours for their various titles and certifications.  Often, approval is granted for the following professionals:
  • CPWM,
  • RMC,
  • CRP

Each seminar series is typically held once per year in numerous locations throughout New Jersey for the convenience of the members.


Past Presentations:


Musings on Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) in New Jersey

Stormwater Presentation - Monmouth & Ocean County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund Executive Safety Committee


Edward Weinberg - Advanced Resource Recovery at WRRFs: Transitioning to a Clean Hydrogen Economy

Levent Takmaz - Green Bay Experience - A New Fluid Bed Municipal Sludge Incinerator Coupled with a Sludge Dryer Meeting the New MACT LLLL Emission Limits

Matthew Mee - Environmental Justice, AO-25 & Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs)


Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC)  Training for Authorities


Spill Prevention and Control Preparedness - SPCC Training


Richard Cestone - Emergency Generators NSPS and MACT Regulations and the Certificate of Conformity

Ed Weinberg - Clean Energy Solutions for Biogas Utilization

Levent Takmaz - MATTABASSETT EXPERIENCE - The First New Fluid Bed Municipal Sludge Incinerator in the U.S. Meeting the New MACT LLLL Emission Limits

Luca Nencetti - Generate Revenue through Renewable Fuel Programs Using Your WWTP's Bio-Digester Gas


EJIF Seminar - Complying with Changing Regulations


Ed Weinberg: “Clean Energy Solutions for Biogas Utilization”

Tiffany Medley: “Complying with Periodic Emissions Monitoring Requirements”

Levent Takmaz: "Stack Emission Test Results from Existing and New High Temperature Fluid Bed Municipal Sludge Incinerators…"

Rich Cestone: "Formaldehyde Emissions from Combustion Sources"

Rich Erickson, Dan Rizza: "Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flood Risk in NJ - Tools and Analysis


Keeping up with Changing Regulations

Environmental Risks of Property Transfers


Phil Ludvigsen: "Climate Change: Emerging Standards and Best Practices"

Fred Fastiggi: "Cogeneration + Microgrid + Anaerobic Digestion = Efficiency + Reliability + Sustainability"

Sunita Dhar: "Air Compliance Issues and Solutions"

Richard Cestone: "Comparisons of Sludge Treatment Methods"

Ed Weinberg: "Clean Energy Solutions for Biogas Utilization"



    EJIF Environmental Update for Authorities


    News from COP21--Latest on Climate Change Standards and Financing Opportunities

    Clean Energy Solutions for Biogas Utilization

    Combined Heat & Power for WWTF


Staying in Compliance



NJ Utility Authority

     E-JIF Updates for Coverage, New Permitting Requirements, & Resources



     Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Food/Oil/Grease (FOG)

     CHP - Economics & Design

     CHP - Grants & Funding

     Climate Change - Infrastructure Adaptation

     Emergency and Non-Emergency Engine Air Compliance

     Superstorm Sandy - Air Compliance


NJUA - December Meeting

EJIF Seminar - Maintaining Compliance & Resources


     Anaerobic Digester Gas to Energy

     Biogas Pretreatment for CoGen


     Climate Change - Infrastructure Adaptation

     Combined Heat & Power for WWTP

     Effectiveness of Biogas Utilization at WWTP



     Federal Air Regulations for Combustion Sources



NJUA - December Safety Meeting

EJIF Seminar - DPW & Municipal Sustainability
Burlco Retreat - Understanding EJIF Recommendations

     Tech Transfer - Regulatory Refresher
     Tech Transfer - Air Permitting & CoGen Strategies
     Air Pollution Workshop: NSPS & MACT Standards


EJIF Seminar - Environmental Auditing
EJIF NJUA Presentation
NJWEA - Tech Transfer - Testing & Recordkeeping


2009 EJIF Seminar - Recycling and Stormwater Rule Changes
2008 EJIF Seminar - Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Sustainable Energy Master Planning
2007 EJIF Seminar - Stormwater, Air/Generators, USTs, SPCC
2006 EJIF Seminar - Environmental Regulatory Compliance Overview
2005 EJIF Seminar - Stormwater Pollution Prevention Planning